Saturday, April 10, 2004

hey's now one day aft gd fri...whoa feeling abit sleepy...update it seems tt this blog has become stagnant....

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

hihi kid....i'm so disciplined it sometimes makes me apprehensive...ha ah...look at me procrastinating kid in the past...and now zoom...chao bk worm...ha ah....yay...i'm happy...remember today is april fool's ...damn funny cute...ha lee and her low screaming

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Friday, March 12, 2004

hey hey ger..hahax, real slpy nw..tml gt flag dae sia..den aft tt still gt tuition..duno whether mi will still haf d energy 2 go 4 tuition ntz..newaz yay..finally watched a movie aft so long..mi last movie was brudder bear i tink..'i spy..a tree!!'hahax..nw is tis song..tink all disney movies will haf sumting 2 remind us of dem..hahax..n i bought a new bottle 2dae!!1st decent water bottle eva since i was p1..hahax..yep happi..c=

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hey hey..she'll be coming round the mountain when she was fantastic...though one bad thing is tt this will be the last day we're sitting together...cuz me the phrophet predicts tt fiona tan will sure change our sad lor...just when we're helping each other....she changes again...think she really feels only contempt for me man...poor me...always get misunderstood by teachers

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Monday, March 08, 2004

yoz lala land comrade!!hahax, u muz tc of urself wor..nvm, ur lala land neighbour will watch over u 1..hahax..n ya, we muz learn 2 b reticent kias wor..=b

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

hey gal...must take care of youself k...nvm i nv get any sickness frm you lah...all my phagocytes so strong.....but arh....i think i'm becoming ooolllllllllddddddddd....i mean like wth...i seem to be having arthritis....all my bones are aching for no apparent reason and it's pissing me off cuz it's painful lah....

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

hey ger..hahax, mi body finally cranked up le..sick liaox..hope mi wun pass mi illness 2 u..if nt veri jialat..2dae slacked agn..juz felt so irritated wif everyting tt mi spent so much time trying 2 figure wata do wif mi life frm nw on..hahax, lame ritez?? laz, tc..

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

hey's it going with your bio...think i'm going to give up on tt this wk again....feel so lethargic now ...and i dun feel like doing anything i'm back here again..think i can curb my habit of using the comp during wk days quite well....but during wk just becomes unstoppable and uncontrollable...i'm like bored to tears now....there's no one at home except me and my maid....cuz my dad again went to play golf then my sis went damn sick lor....

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hey hey ger..hahax, yupz..we muz jia you 2gether ke??muz jia you jia you jia you..canot use net so much le hoh?? wor ger..luv ya~!!

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